The Edgestar KC2000 represents excellent value - this kegerator combines a designed-to-fit compact refrigerator with commercial-grade, NSF-approved beer lines. You save money on the refrigerator component without skimping on the important beer line components. From the CO2 tanks to the coupler, all the internal parts are USA-made, NSF approved. You can store up to a full sized half shell Sankey standard keg, with limited exceptions. The KC2000 comes in a modern black-on-black finish.

The Edgestar KC2000 is UL listed and includes a 5 lb. brewer preferred, upgraded aluminum CO2 cylinder (supplied empty). This full size EdgeStar kegerator is the easiest kegerator to set up. It's perfect for people who are unfamiliar with the sometimes tricky task of setting up a home draft beer system.

  • All the components are made here in the USA and are approved for any type of use.

  • Ships complete with all components needed to tap one keg (keg not included).

  • The casters that ship with this EdgeStar beer keg cooler allow for easy movement.
  • UL Listed:

    Approved by the most trusted source for product compliance in the world
  • External CO2 Tank:

    The CO2 tank will require less refills because it is stored externally. When a CO2 tank is stored inside the kegerator up to 2 times the amount of CO2 is used because cold air makes CO2 less dense.

Custom Kegerator

$ 676.00 USD

Kegerators are sale priced at $575.00 for a single Topless logo, or $625.00 for a full door wrap with all three Topless logos.

Topless Kegerators added incentive right now is we will pay the shipping charge to most areas in the lower continental United States. (Added to the cost is the sales tax rate of 8.25%.)


Kegerator with single logo design. (any of the three logos may be used on a single design)

$ 622.00 USD

(Decals are shipped seperately)